Aged Care Facilities

Aged Care Facility Design

Project Works Design specialises in aged care facility design and are passionate about creating caring community environments devoted to improving outcomes for the elderly living in aged care and retirement facilities. Each aged care project we undertake we design with the aim of empowering residents and create environments that provide a high level of choice and dignity for the residents. While Project Works Design brings a combination of experience and innovation to the design of an aged care facility we acknowledge that the client is the one who manages the facility and has intimate knowledge of how the facility needs to operate on a day to day basis.

Project Works Design has catered to the needs of a number of aged care facilities’ requirements in and around Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast and all areas of NSW.

Residential Aged Care is a market with increasing resident expectations within a constrained financial environment. Project Works Design has extensive experience in the design and delivery of all aspects of residential aged care and seniors living accommodation.  Our services range from initial site yield and feasibility studies through to full project documentation and construction phase services.

We work in close collaboration with our clients to craft environments that respond to and are supportive of the needs of senior resident while also encouraging social interaction and community participation.

Project Works Design is familiar with both end-user and statutory requirements. However, we also have expertise to coordinate with specific end user requirements and empathise with their special needs. Project Works Design is passionate about designing dynamic and sustainable communities for the elderly.

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