Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

Project Works Design has designed an impressive portfolio of commercial projects and office buildings for both developers and private clients. Each project is designed to achieve an outstanding level of architectural quality which provides users with a contemporary and flexible working environment. Project Works Design sets a high standard in design by adopting environmentally sustainable design principles to all aspects of their projects. We believe in commercial office developments that engender a sense of community, that are flexible, which maximise light and ventilation and provide a healthy working environment. Our commercial projects also embody an inspired design concept with sound commercial feasibility principles, practical and efficient engineering technologies as well as a relevant response to the local urban environment.

What excites us about the commercial building design?

The challenge of getting the most out of a building, optimizing its functionality, longevity and adaptability.

Over the last 20 years, Project Works Design has maintained a strong presence in the commercial sector – designing numerous commercial building of high-quality both office and industrial spaces.

Project Works Design is at the forefront of office and workplace design, using our experience for both building design and specific end-user fitout requirement. We have developed specialist skills which help clients define their business requirements in terms of spatial needs, whether it’s in the form of new buildings or the consolidation of existing spaces.

Our approach is to thoroughly understand the end users processes and requirements so that the design meets the function for an effective and efficient work space. Our aim is to provide our client with a building that functionally complement and enhance their business.

A number of our Commercial projects have been recognised with industry design awards in recognition of their functionality and design excellence.