Interior Design

Today’s commercial and retail interiors demand attention. You can no longer get by with just any fit out environment for your staff and / or customers; they expect a minimum environment to work in for their mental and physical wellbeing. They expect a stylish interior design and responsible use of today’s building materials. Our interior design services start with an evaluation of the interior space and client consultation. We listen to and incorporate the client’s requirements from the outset.

Interior design incorporates a number of vital elements which combine to achieve the desired result.

  • Good space planning is the first step toward a successful interior.
  • Concepts such as symmetry, balance, repetition, progression, transition and contrast are utilised in the design of the interior space.
  • Scale and Proportion are two design principles that relate to size and shape. Proportion is the ratio of one design element to another and scale concerns itself with the size of one object compared to another.
  • Colour has a definite impact on the atmosphere that you want to create when doing interior design. Room colour can influence our mood, our thoughts and feeling of well being.